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The “Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud”, is an organization which belongs to the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health (Spain). It is the central entity which supports and manages the research activity within the Public Health System in Andalusia. The “Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud” offers for its Bioinformatics Area, the following position:

Web developer

The Bioinformatics Area from the Fundación Progreso y Salud has been conceived as a fundamental piece of the Personalized Medicine plan of the Andalusian community, with the mission of facilitating and providing the tools for the inclusion of the genomic data of the patient in the electronical health record. This Area has the dual aim of developing innovative algorithms and methods for the analysis of genomic data of patients, combined with the production of high quality software specifically designed to be used by clinician end users, all this with a strong translational orientation. The ultimate objective of the Area is to bring to the clinician complex algorithms for the management of complex genomics data in a transparent way for them, which ultimately foster the adoption of innovative technologies in the current clinical practice.

This area disposes of the infrastructure linked of the former Platform of Genomics and Bioinformatics of Andalusia (GBPA).

Within the Research Area in Bioinformatics, a series of activities will be carried out within the project "ELIXIR-EXCELERATE FAST-TRACK ELIXIR IMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVE EARLY USER EXPLOITATION ACROSS THE LIFE SCIENCES", financed through the funds of the European Commission in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Program.

Main functions

The functions of the post involve the development of scientific software applications to achieve the objectives of the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project. These consist mainly on the development of web interfaces for clinical users, which query genomic databases containing rare disease associated data.

Requested profile:


• A degree in informatics engineering or a similar degree

• Experience in development of web applications:

o Client-side technologies, like ECMAScript2015, React, polymer, bootstrap, angular, RESTful, etc.

o Server-side technologies, like Java EE, Spring, Node, etc.

• Experience in web design and layout

• Experience in SQL and NoSQL databases

• Experience in development environments (git, maven, redmine, etc.)

• Experience in GNU/Linux environments

Optional requirements:

• System manager level experience in GNU/Linux environments

• Experience in scripting languages: Python, Perl, Shell Script, etc.

• Continuous integration

• Experience in bioinformatics

• Experience in high performace computing.

• High level of English

We are looking for someone displaying the following characteristics:

• Aptitude for teamwork.

• Highly proactive

• Oriented to achievemet of results.

• Responsible


This advertisement will be disseminated through corporative social networks. Subsequently, it will be sent to the following institutions requesting publication on their websites:

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• Red de Fundaciones Gestoras de la Investigación del Sistema Sanitario Público Andaluz (RFGI-SSPA)

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Additional Information

• Temporary type contract, according to Applicable labor law (Estatuto de los Trabajadores and/or Ley 14/2011, de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación

• 35 hours per week, from Monday to Friday.

• Salary 19.330,36 gross annual (fixed + bonues)

• Duration: 10 months

• Location: Seville

This contract will be fulled funded by H2020 Programme of the European Union, in particular through the granted project entitled“ELIXIR-EXCELERATE FAST-TRACK ELIXIR IMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVE EARLY USER EXPLOITATION ACROSS THE LIFE SCIENCES”, Grant Agreement: 676559.

Selection process

Following a period of analysis during which candidates whose CVs most closely correspond to the established criteria will be selected, a second stage will commence involving individual testing focused on evaluating the level of required competencies as well as personal interviews.

To apply

For more information regarding job requirements and conditions, and to submit an application for the selection process and online submission of CV information, interested parties should go to the Progress and Health Foundation website at:


The deadline for applications and submission of CVs is November, 02, 2018 at 1pm.

Seville, October, 25 st 2018

Jue, 25/10/2018